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Shout Outs

We at Smarty Pants Are Leaders SHOUT OUT SALUTE the leader in you for your generous contributions. As a growing non-profit kid’s education organization, we rely on your philanthropic support. We want to honor and thank the following people and organizations for their unconditional kindness. We could not do what we do without YOU!!!

The Menomonee Club

Smarty Pants Are Leaders wants to Shout Out Salute the Menomenee Club Team and Board of Directors for all of their generous support. The Menomenee Club is sponsoring our 2010 summer programming! We are super SPAL happy to be part of a unique House of All Kid NPOs!!!

David Lan

Thank you for your generosity; bringing contemporary style and creativity in designing our AWESOME SPAL Website!

Mike Parker and MTheory Team!

We Shout OUT Salute you! Thank You for your contributions, and active talents in Web management! Thank you, YOU bring designs to life that function fantastically!

Brian C. Shea

Brian wanna shout you out! Brian and Voltaire’s Gardener has been a phenomenal landscape advisor to SPAL from the very beginning.

Hoerr Schaudt

Thanks to the team at Hoerr Schaudt for their generous donation of their remarkable design of our outdoor classroom! We are greatful for their valued time, and impeccable service. they are dedicated, on time and “heard my desires” and are meeting all of my wishes for a creative discovery space for our kids to PLAY, GROW, AND LEARN!

Mid America Water

Corrugated Planters are WATER PIPES, way to go Mid American Water!!! Thank you for your generous Donation of water pipes that facilitates our growth in the garden!
Mid American Water
1500 Mountain Road, Aurora IL.60505
(P) 630.851.4500 (F) 630.851.4789