Why invest in our children?

We understand that there exists a resource and performance disparity between urban public schools and suburban public schools. Public schools in wealthy suburban districts have more funding due to higher taxes. The classes are often smaller, yielding a smaller teacher to student ratio. There are more alternative activities and the students are often times less violent and the environment is safer. Generally, the inner city can be a vibrant, inspiring and thriving place to attend school. There are, however, urban school districts of a city that are more challenging.

While we cannot change neighborhood dynamics, we are hoping to provide a platform to empower children who live in such neighborhoods so that they may have more self-confidence and self-determination to make the right choices. Smarty Pants are Leaders values and embraces the management of diversity at every level. We seek to reflect in our workforce and volunteers the diverse children served by our programs.


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Smarty Pants Are Leaders teaches leadership skills through Art and Gardening to children in under served urban environments. We focus on youth empowerment by building self-confidence, self-reliance, and healthy nutritional choices. We demonstrate what’s possible for the children in life through an experiential interdisciplinary curriculum that gives the individual the tools to realize his or her dreams.